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Position Details: Senegal 2023

Location: Dakar, Senegal
Openings: 1
Salary Range:



We are looking for young talents for work opportunities with our clients.

If you are interested in working in the IT field, please submit your CV using the form by clicking "Apply to Position" on the arrow on the right.

You enter your email and then attach your CV, the more fields you fill in, the more your CV will appear in customer searches.

We look forward to learning about your skills and experience.

Thank you,




PS: To be automatically processed the CV must not be written with photoshop even if it is a PDF file here is an example

PS: Several people have not attached their CV to the form, on what basis will the recruiter discover your skills and experience?

PS: Several people have complained because Google released them "Deceptive Site".
You have to understand why Google is laying people off with a vengeance.
You receive an email from a domain with a link to the same domain...without revealing a password or credit card numbers.

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